Industrial Powder Handling Solutions

Aluminum Powder

We offer a wide range of industrial powder feeders designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you require reliable volumetric feeders that can stand up to years of harsh industrial use without constant replacement of internal parts, high pressure powder feeders, precise gravimetric feeders, or powder feeders designed specifically for agglomerating powders, we have the products that can meet your needs. Often we are able to customize our products for your unique application. Give us a call today to discuss your process needs!

V1™ Volumetric Feeders

Abrasive or Smooth Flowing Powders

The V1™ series feeders require no routine replacement of wearing seals and provide consistent pulse-free feeding of abrasive and smooth flowing powders. Designed for ultimate durability, continuous duty and simple cleaning. A digital read out allows for precise feed rate adjustment.


V4™ Volumetric Feeders

Agglomerating or Smooth Flowing Powders

These frictionless feeders are designed specifically for agglomerating powders, including superfine powders prone to bridging and ratholing, as well as materials that tend to build up on the internal components of other feeders. No wearing seals and simple cleaning and mainenance make the V4™ series a dependable choice for a wide range of applications.


G4™ Gravimetric Feeders

Set rate in g/sec, g/min, kg/h, or lb/h

The G4™ series gravimetric powder feeders allow the operator to set the feed rate in grams per second, grams per minute, kilograms per hour, or pounds per hour, while displaying the real time feed rate and remaining powder weight in metric or customary units. The WL series can also be switched to manual mode to operate as a regular volumetric feeder, while passively displaying the feed rate.


High Pressure Powder Feeders

V1™, V4™, and G4™ powder feeders are available in high pressure versions for applications that require operating pressures of up to 500 PSI (34 Bar).